2016 In Review
2016 In Review
2016 In Review
2016 In Review
2016 In Review
2016 In Review
2016 In Review

2016 In Review

  • Already nearly 4 months into 2017, Norumbega Associates has completed one of it's busiest years to date in 2016! We'd like to take a moment to reflect back on the year and highlight some of the more important moments.

    2016 was the year of NEW for Norumbega Associates. While our focus remained on broadening awareness and comfort with our products within the architectural design community, we were also kept very busy by an influx of new products from some of the best manufacturers in our industry. Let's review:

    In January, Norumbega Associates visited Rocky Mountain Hardware in Hailey Idaho for a complete tour of the facilities. There we got to see first hand the processes by which the exquisite bronze hardware is manufactured. Nearly 50 people touch EVERY single piece of hardware that flows efficiently through their facilities.

    Also news in 2016, Norumbega Associates partnered with fine custom decorative hardware manufacturer Hamilton Sinkler. With a design office located in NYC, Hamilton Sinkler had already made inroads in several parts of the country. HS features both classic and contemporary door, window and cabinet hardware designs, and registers in stock in NY. In addition, HS offers a fully custom line to discerning clientele. We are thrilled to be working in tandem with this superior caliber product line!

    In May, Norumbega Associates visited the Tapologie facilities in Baltimore, Maryland. Tapologie caught our attention in 2015 at the ICFF show, bringing home best new product awards. We met again at the ICFF the following year and began earnestly discussing partnering. At the factory we saw the most amazing processes come to life for creating wonderful hand blown and pulled glass faucetry and accessories! Tapologie has IAPMO and NSF certification, and is finalizing Massachusetts Code approvals now.

    In November, Norumbega Associates traveled to San Antonio, Texas for FSB's introduction of it's TRANSITIONS line. FSB has been known for decades for it's innovative designs submitted by the worlds top designers. Up until now FSB has manufactured in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Brass and Bronze. Transitions rolls out their first forged brass line of designs. Superior German technology, craftsmanship and assembly with a competitive price point, Transitions fits nicely into the specification for residential, commercial as well as hospitality settings.

    Also toward the end of 2016 was the last time we at Norumbega Associates had the honor and privilege to travel with Bob Shaw with the Rocky Mountain Road Show. Bob has spent the last several years transitioning into his retirement by driving a loaded up display truck all over North America. Prior to that Bob had been our National Sales Manager for nearly 20 years, working closely with us to grow the Rocky Mountain Hardware name in our region. We are sad to see Bob ride off into the sunset, but very pleased that he is a good ol Massachusetts boy and heads back east for some Patriots and Red Sox games with his brother every year, so we get to see him!

    Trade shows & Lunch and Learns:

    Norumbega Associates maintains a commitment to continuing education by attending and providing training courses, presentations and trade shows. In 2016, we participated in the following Trade Shows:

    • Sustainable Fair, Suffolk University, March 31
    • ADDesign Show with Rocky Mountain Hardware
    • ICFF May13-17 with Rocky Mountain Hardware
    • ABX November 2016 with FSB

    Mini Trade shows:

    • Suffolk University Student Lecture on Architectural Hardware, April 2016
    • Mini Trade Shows at CBT, May 6 2016, and May 6, and July 28, and August 25 (insert picture)
    • Mini Trade show MP Architects, (Margulies Perruzzi) April 19
    • Mini Trade Show, Bergemeyer
    • Mini Trade Show, Prelwitz Chilinski, Feb 9

    Architectural Presentations.

    We are available for breakfast/fruit/pastry, lunch, or afternoon wine/cheese/coffee: Please contact Sandra at norumbega1@comcast.net to schedule appointment.

    2016 Presentations:

    Fusion Design Group
    Parker Torres
    Grass Design Group
    Leslie Saul
    Florentino Group
    Z-DS Design
    Judd Brown
    Denton House/Discovery Homes
    A-W Architects (Anmahian Winton)
    Rode Architects
    SN Design
    Wilson Kelsey Architects
    Kimberly Interiors
    Rockwell Group
    The Switzer Group
    PH Architects
    TRO Jung Brannon
    Cook Fox
    DMD Architects
    Cloudaugh Design
    MR Architecture and Decor
    SMMA (Symmes Maini and McKee)
    Prelwitz Chilinski
    Andreozzi Architects
    Fennick McCredie
    Touloukian Touloukian Inc.